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Making Life Easier and Better is What Southern Phone Aims at

The story of a trusted network which can make its customers have all that they have been expecting. Southern Phone a name which everyone can vouch on in turning life into something happening. The store offers Southern Phone promo code which are helpful in keeping budget in control.

Life is not easy especially when you are a single mother like me. I have responsibility of my two years old daughter. We are each other’s support. So that means I have to earn to take care of ourselves. A year ago, I had a divorce; me and my husband couldn’t work our marriage out and decided to get separated. There was no way I was letting him take my life away so I took the custody of my daughter, and she was too small to be taken care of, by her father.

The real struggle started when I had to go to work every day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and leave my too little daughter along with her nanny at home. I had to call home every 15 minutes to check if my baby is doing fine which means more than almost 50 calls per day and above thousand calls every month, I had to make, to check up on my daughter. Besides that I also required making a few work calls; more addition to the list of bills, I needed to supervise. My salary could not bear the burden of expenses increasing day by day. I used to get empty pockets in the final lap of every month and went on asking for loans from my friends, way too embarrassing for a person like me who always used to be self reliant. The loan I asked for ended before my salary could arrive. I was completely broke.

One day, I was crying my heart out because I did not know how I am going to manage my house and my daughter’s expenses. At that time the nanny of my baby introduced me to Southern Phone; the low-priced mobile data plan. I did not believe in the prices, they were offering on Southern Phone coupon codes but I had no other way. The whole month of unlimited calls in economical rates along with other reductions on messages and mms was extremely affordable.  Not only that, with MBs of mobile data on Southern Phone I was able to see my daughter via video calling.

The super fast speedy network has put my life at ease. All the anxiety and wasting time on crying over things that were not meant to be there are not any longer a part of me. Southern Phone has restored my faith in humans out there working hard just to comfort us.

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